Our team

Legault Greenhouses’ team with its passion for gardening looks forward to serving you.

You’ll enjoy being greeted by our qualified staff, gardening experts who care about the needs of their customers.  Our family business is proud to maintain a welcoming environment and provide professional advice you can count on.  It really “makes our day” when we can guide you toward the products and services that best suit your needs.

francois2François Legault :  François, along with his wife Diane, is co-owner of Legault Greenhouses.  You could say he’s the orchestra conductor who coordinates all aspects of the business, working on the land as well as in the production nurseries and the retail greenhouses.  He came by his passion for horticulture at an early age, growing up in a family where his father – himself a horticulturist – taught François everything he knew about plants and the art of gardening.  Each season, François marvels anew at the beauties of nature, and is once again determined to offer quality products to his clientele.



Diane Legault :  Diane quickly acquired a passion for plants when she met François.  She has participated in every phase of the business, and is now in charge of the Gift Shop, which increases in scope and size every year.  Diane also ensures that all things connected with the retail greenhouses run smoothly; as well, she responds to any special requests by our customers.  Whether in her management role, giving gardening advice or filling in as a cashier, she’s constantly on the go, moving from task to task at lightning speed.



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Pascal Legault : Born and raised in a “growing” environment, Pascal had already decided by age 10 that he wanted to be a horticulturist like his father.  He quickly learned the ropes of every aspect of the Garden Centre and later on, pursued formal studies in marketing and ornamental horticulture at Collège Montmorency.  He is now manager and foreman of Natura Design, Legault Greenhouses’ landscape development service, as well as being in charge of bulk product sales.  A cheerful, optimistic leader, Pascal’s responsibilities also include purchasing, as well as  decisions around marketing and merchandising.




jonathanJonathan Legault : Eldest son in the Legault family, Jonathan acquired work experience in a number of fields such as masonry, construction and landscaping, before realizing that – just like his father –  the field he loved best was horticulture.  Jonathan completed a horticultural studies  program at the Centre horticole de Laval.  From February to May he now plays an important role in the production greenhouses, and spends the summer and autumn months working with our Natura Design landscaping team, along with brother Pascal.




jaime2Jaime Williams : Jaime first joined Legault Greenhouses’ staff as a cashier in 2009, and quickly familiarized herself with the greenhouses and everything in them.  She now has a number of responsibilities on our team.  For example, Jaime is in charge of inventory at the retail greenhouses and does many of the office duties (creating signage, updating our Facebook page, etc.).  She also oversees the retail greenhouses when the owners are away.  Sometimes providing gardening advice, sometimes acting as a cashier, Jaime is truly François and Diane’s “right-hand woman”.




caroleCarole Bélair : Carole has worked in the horticultural field since 2004.  She also took intensive horticultural training, and has honed her skills at Legault Greenhouses, working in the perennial department.  However, Carole can do a bit of everything: production, potting, working at the check-out counter; in short, she’s an indispensable member of the team!






Faye Lemieux : Fay has worked at Legault Greenhouses since 2005, and is very much at ease in a variety of departments and roles.  For several years she served with flair in the fine herbs, annuals and perennials departments, and is now head of our perennials section, where she continues to share her gardening expertise with our customers.




Dannick Charbonneau : Dannick has worked with us since 1998, and plays a key role in the production process.  He’s a man of many talents who is also involved in several other aspects of Legault Greenhouses: building and greenhouse maintenance, harvesting field crops, tillage etc.  He’s a dependable, honest and extremely valuable member of our team.





johanne2Johanne Mackiddie:  Johanne has lots of horticultural experience, having operated her own greenhouse for a number of years.  She joined Legault Greenhouses in 2009 and is now our hanging-basket floral arrangement specialist. Working in collaboration with her colleagues and always alert to clients’ needs, Johanne maps out a plan each year, working to improve the beauty, performance and variety of annuals that will be offered.  This lady just brims over with creativity!




Caroline Dings
: Retired since 2004, Caroline remains very active and passionate about plants.  She had worked with her sister Johanne (a former greenhouse owner), and during that time was involved in every aspect of the business from production right up to retail sales.  She began working at Legault Greenhouses in 2008 and is an excellent advisor who enjoys sharing her knowledge with customers.




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Until the updates are in place, here are some other integral members of team:

Sylvain Brabant

Chantal Leclerc

Anna Born

Gianni Piovesan

Krystle Craig