Les exeptionnelles

Want to simplify your gardening life?  Choose annuals bearing the Les Exceptionnelles® trademark!

Each new season, Legault Greenhouses are pleased to offer annuals from the "Les Exceptionnelles" line.  

This brand-name identifies a plant as one of a select group of newcomers on the horticultural scene: plants that stand out in terms of performance in the garden, ease of cultivation and resistance to insects and disease.

As a development program, Les Exceptionnelles® is enjoying unprecedented success in Québec.

Why is this?  For one thing the program responds to a genuine need to identify, amid the hundreds of new strains on the market, those annuals which are easiest to incorporate into a garden decor.

Les Exceptionnelles® is a registered trademark of la Fondation en horticulture ornementale de l’ITA de Saint-Hyacinthe, a non-profit organization which oversees a horticultural instruction program – a veritable “garden of learning” or jardin-école, whose mandate is to promote and support greater knowledge in the area of ornamental horticulture in Québec.

This program is also the focus of a partnership drawing on the expertise of four renowned Québec gardens:  Jardin Daniel A. Séguin, the Montréal Botanical Gardens, Jardin Roger Van den Hende at l’Université Laval and Les jardins de Métis.

LISTING EXCEPTIONNELLES 2013 (descriptions and pictures soon) : 

  • Angelonia angustifolia Serenita™ Purple
  • Begonia boliviensis Santa Cruz™ Sunset
  • Breynia disticha 'Roseopicta'
  • Calibrachoa Superbells® Lemon Slice
  • Colocasia esculenta 'Coal Miner'
  • Cordyline australis 'Coral'
  • Ensete glaucum
  • Lantana camara Luscious® Berry Blend™
  • Nephrolepis biserrata 'Macho'



Silky Pennisetum ‘Sky Rocket’

(Pennisetum setaceum ‘Sky Rocket’)
The judges made it clear, awarding this beauty top marks!  ‘Sky Rocket’, a mutation of the highly acclaimed Pennisetum s. ‘Fireworks’ featured by Les Exceptionnelles® in 2009, is a sumptuous variety with soft green foliage edged in creamy white.  Each silky, delicately curving spike gradually turns from dusty rose to cream as it matures.  More vigorous and dense than its parent plant, this ornamental grass with its almost architectural quality provides height, texture and form to flower arrangements and landscaping.  Although this cultivar will produce an abundance of sterile flower spikes right up until frost, it is not invasive.  Discovered in a Georgia nursery in the United States in 2009, ‘Sky Rocket’ will play a prominent role in Québec gardens in the coming years.
  • Uses: Container plants, either alone or in combination; in borders
  • Flowers:  Abundant silky-textured spikes
  • Foliage: Soft green edged in white



Acalypha 'Bronze Pink'

(Acalypha wilkesiana ‘Bronze Pink’)

A surprisingly rugged plant, ‘Bronze Pink’ doesn’t depend on flowering ability to ensure a radiant splash of colour in the garden all season long. This characteristic in a garden ornamental is something that appeals to more and more gardeners nowadays.  Carried on strong purple stems, the big coppery leaves of this tropical plant appear to change in colour according to the intensity of the light.  Equally striking in massed plantings or as single specimens, these plants are as versatile as the coleus, and as a bonus they are more heat-resistant.  Provide ‘Bronze Pink’ with plenty of mulch or a roomy container to grow in, and watch it reach its full potential!

  • Uses: Container plants, either alone or in combination; in bordes
  • Flowers: Insignificant
  • Foliage: Brilliant marbled rose and burgundy



Canna 'Hello Yello'

(Canna ‘Hello Yello’)

Canna ’Hello Yello’ produces masses of splendid, bright yellow flowers all summer long.  Of average height, this is a canna that can will grow equally well in a container or in the flowerbed.  As with «Orange Punch», an Exceptionnelles® 2010 cultivar,  ‘Hello Yello’ is self-cleaning in that it sheds its spent flowers naturally, without deadheading. This is a desirable characteristic in a canna, allowing fresh new blooms to draw the eye, with no withered petals to mar the view.  Very easy to grow, the rhizomes can be stored in a cool, dry place in winter, to be replanted outdoors the following spring.  A product of in vitro cultivation, these plants are virus-free – an Achilles heel among older cultivars – and extremely vigorous to boot.

  • Uses: Container plants, either alone or in combination; in borders
  • Flowers: Bright yellow
  • Foliage: Soft green



Impatiens ‘Rockapulco® Coral Reef’

(Impatiens walleriana Rockapulco® Coral Reef)

If we were to tell you it‘s now possible to grow roses in shady areas without the usual problems of insects and plant disease, you would want some, wouldn’t you?  Well, we’re nearly there with « Rockapulco », a great new strain of Impatiens whose double-petalled blooms can easily be mistaken for dainty bouquets of mini-roses. These plants are easy to grow, needing no pinching back to form generous clumps of foliage and masses of flowers.  The temptingly rich, vibrant colour of this « Coral Reef » cultivar is right in step with today’s gardening tastes. A risk-free choice when shopping for a gift!

  • Uses: Container plants, either alone or in combination; in borders
  • Flowers: Coral pink
  • Foliage: Dark green

Plantemiroir2‘Evening Glow’ Mirror Plant

(Coprosma ‘Evening Glow’)

Coprosma is a plant with a distinct, unusual appeal, and such glossy leaves that it has earned the nickname “mirror plant”.  Originating in New Zealand, this slow-growing species forms dainty little clumps whose foliage is especially hardy.  Extremely cold-resistant, it can withstand temperatures as low as -10 ?C.  Multicoloured « Evening Glow» is an excellent plant for the terrace or balcony, and quite forgiving of benign neglect thanks to its amazing drought resistance.  This is a stellar plant for use in small spaces or for your autumn displays, when its leaves turn more and more reddish as the temperature drops.

  • Uses: Container plants, either alone or in combination; in borders
  • Flowers: Insignificant
  • Foliage: Green dotted with yellow and pink           



Amaranth ‘Little Ruby’

(Alternanthera brasiliana ‘Little Ruby’)
Attractive and soothing, this new variety adds extra depth to your landscaping. It can be used as a groundcover, a companion plant or even as a solo specimen in an eye-catching container. This versatile new cultivar is easy to grow and enhances the impact of everything else around it.  Its uniform growing habit and the density of its spikes allow ‘Little Ruby’ to quickly fill in those bare spaces, and have earned this plant its common name: « Joseph’s-Coat». An ideal addition to contemporary gardens which – unlike the Victorian gardens of the past – no longer depend on flowers alone to create banks of colour.  This plant can do it all!
  • Uses: Container plants, either alone or in combination; in borders
  • Flowers: Insignificant
  • Foliage: Burgundy

Verveine Lanai2

Verbena Lanai® ‘Twister Pink’

(Verbena Lanai® Twister Pink)

A first among verbenas! The unusual bi-coloured flowers of this new variety are a happy blend in which contrasting tones of pink and white crown each flower cluster. Watch as a subtle and ever-widening range of rosy tints evolve throughout the season.  ‘Twister Pink’ is a vigorous plant whose fascinating flower clusters just keep on blooming. Although a trailing variety, this new cultivar remains impervious to mildew. A promising future is the forecast for this beauty.
Uses: Container plants, either alone or in combination; in borders

  • Flowers: Unique bi-coloured pink and white
  • Foliage: Dark green