palmier2At home in the tropics

Whether to create a tropical look in the home, to plant outdoors or give to a friend, Legault Greenhouses offers the biggest choice of tropical plants in the region.  Come and admire our container-grown flowering specimens, as well as our collection of top quality succulents and cacti. We can also re-pot your own tropical plants in the decorative containers of your choice, which can also be found at our Garden Centre. Our rare and unusual plants will transform your home environment into a little paradise!














Air purifiers   

Did you know that a number of green plants are noted for their ability to cleanse the air in our homes?  Talk to one of our horticultural advisors for more information about this, and to learn useful tips on caring for the houseplants you already have.

Re-potting service   

We can also re-pot your tropical plants that have outgrown their old containers, in decorative new pots available in our garden centre.