Organic gardening products

MYKEproduitsNatural products for a green planet!

You’ve wanted to do something to preserve bio-diversity, protect the health of our planet, its plant species and other living things, the balance of nutrients in the soil and the purity of earth’s waters?  Why not opt for our line of eco-friendly garden products by choosing chemical-free soil, as well as natural or organic fertilizers to help stimulate the growth of your plants!

Here at Legault Greenhouses you’ll find, among other products, phosphate-free lawn fertilizer, the Myke line of mycorrhiza-based products, natural fertilizers by Acti-Sol, and more.



Guardian plants on duty!

Check out our medicinal plant section where you will find species such as Rue (ruta graveolens), a plant  that can repel cats.  Rue can also serve as a natural insecticide, either planted directly in your garden or when the leaves are steeped and the resulting liquid sprayed on leaves that are under attack by insects or disease.


Companion plants are a good bet!

Did you know that certain plants actually stimulate the growth of other species?  For example, basil accelerates the growth of nearby tomatoes and even makes them more flavourful.  Familiarize yourself with the rules of companion plantings, and dare to try a few medicinal herbs.  You’ll be surprised at the results because these plants are indeed, precious allies of the organic gardener.    

Using organic garden products also helps ensure that your plants have greater natural resistance to disease and insects.  Gardening the organic way means you’ll be able to eat vegetables, herbs and edible flowers with lots of nutritional value, contributing to maintaining your health and preventing illness.