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Discover the joy of picking apples, pears, cherries, and plums in your own backyard. Fruit trees can produce an abundance of delicious fruit year after year. Visit our nursery experts to receive the best information starting from tree selection to planting advise, as well as maintenance tips, so that one day you can bake fresh pies and pastries with your own home grown, hand picked fruits.


A little something for the sweet tooth in your family! Berries can be grown in your gardens like your tomatoes and cucumbers. Visit our nursery to discover all the different types of berries that you can grow. In order to help you grow them, we have prepared an effective guide with practical advice on planting and caring for the most common berries.  


A visit to our nursery is well worth the trip to see our large selection of trees, shrubs and conifers, and for the professional and genuine service provided by our team seasoned experts. Our suppliers from across Canada and the northern United States allow us to offer unique varieties to realize all your landscaping goals.

You will discover a wide choice of trees and shrubs of all sizes, with breathtaking blooms or exceptional foliage; conifers, deciduous trees, fruit trees, roses and shrubs of all types. We also have what you need to install a cedar hedge around your property; several formats are available to meet the demand of our customers.


Must have essentials to beautify your flowerbeds year after year!

For a shade or sun garden, Legault offers a wide selection of perennials with multiple colours, textures and scents (FYI: perennials are the ones that come back every year). Acquiring perennials allows you to invest in a sustainable development that beautifies your property and contributes to your daily happiness.

Each year, Legault Greenhouses's stands out for their originality in the perennial section, by increasing the choice and variety of species in order to impress and satisfy customers. Our passionate advisers offer you rare and unusual perennials from different regions of Quebec. You can obtain useful care instructions from our attentive and qualified staff who will be happy to answer your questions and advise you on the maintenance of your perennials.


In addition to allowing you to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space and increase the value of your property, the trees and shrubs that will adorn your land will contribute to the reduction of air pollution by their capacity to absorb carbon dioxide and to purify the air.

Our advisers will be able to give you the appropriate information from which soil and compost is required, as well as for their maintenance. Legault's offers the best warranty program in the region so you can tackle your planting projects with confidence. We also offer a delivery and planting service.

Don't have the time or desire to create your outdoor space the way you would like to see it? Make an appointment with our landscaping team, Natura Design, for a professional design and installation service.


Legault also carries a selection of aquatic plants and pond water maintenance products available in store.
Would you like to make this dream come true, but need a helping hand?
Call on our experts to help guide you in order to achieve the
magnificent water garden you've always wanted.

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The outdoor landscape is an extension of your home. The current trends show that the border between inside and outside has been decreasing for a few years: a search for global harmonization must therefore guide you in your choices.

You define living spaces much like you arrange the rooms of your house. These spaces should be attractive, but also functional in terms of proximity to the house, your climate and outdoor objectives. The development of a landscape is constantly evolving, and its layout must remain as natural as possible.