BIONIK  Seaweed 100% Natural fertilizer

BIONIK Seaweed 100% Natural fertilizer

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Seaweed fosters seed germination and plant rooting in all types of plants. Balanced and 100% natural, it is rich in minerals and other compounds.

Formulation: 0.36-0-0.22

Format: 250ML, 500ML, 1L & 4L

Perfect for...

For all types of plants and soils. Indoor or outdoor. Field Crops, greenhouses, and hydroponics. Fruit and Vegetables, Flowers and Lawn, Grains and Field Crops.


  • Seaweed *

  • Directly from the sea to your vegetable patch!

  • 20 nutrients.

  • 10 vitamins.

  • 5 species of microorganisms.

  • 20 amino acids.