Marine and Forest Compost BIONIK

Marine and Forest Compost BIONIK

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Formulation: 0.6-1.8-0.13

Format: 22 L


  • Bark
  • Snow crab *
  • Bourgots
  • Fish (various)

Ideal for...

Multi-use compost for growing fruits, vegetables, vegetable patch, flowers, lawn, trees, shrubs, conifers, and hedges.


  • Decreases the compaction of clay soils facilitating the growth of plants
  • Soil biology 5 TIMES more active
  • Helps prevent the acidic level in soil from rising
  • Marine 'vermicompost' uses red worms in its maturation process to complete the composting cycle
  • Does not contain peat or manure
  • Approved for organic farming

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