Seedling heat mat Super Sprouter XXL

Seedling heat mat Super Sprouter XXL

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Format: 21” x 48’’

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Gently warms roots for strong, fast growth. Simply warms up to 4 standard 10’’ x 20’’ propagation trays at once. More consistent heating with hot spots that other heat mats. Helps gardeners have better success rates with seedling and cuttings.


  • Warms root area 10°F - 20°F above ambients air temperature to improve germination

  • Helps seedling grow faster and stronger by evenly warming the entire tray

  • Speeds germination for faster transplants

  • Sealed rubber mat is water resistant

  • Heavy- duty , durable construction

  • 5 ft, 120 volt power cord

  • Used only 110 watts!

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