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MYKE Flower

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Format: 1L

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When planting annuals and perennials in pots, flowerbeds and flower boxes.

Exceptions: Orchids, rhododendrons, carnations, kochias, alyssums, azaleas and lupins cannot be colonized by the fungus contained in MYKE FLOWER.


  • Natural fine granular carrier (vermiculite and peat) allowing for good seed germination.

  • MYCORRHIZAE Type: endomycorrhizae*

*Ensures abundant production, Reduces watering needs, Enhances rapid growth development

Direction of use:

  • When sowing seeds in a furrow, use 45 ml (3tbsp) to 125 ml (1/2 cup) of MYKE below the seeds for every linear meter, depending on the width of the furrow. When planting, spread MYKE at the bottom of the hole.

  • For better results, be sure that the roots are in contact with MYKE.

  • Store at room temperature between 2°C - 20°C and keep away from intense heat or freezing.

*Results obtained from independent plant growth trials. Individual growth results may vary to a degree. Additional results and details are available.

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