S.O.S. HERBIONIK lawn repair

S.O.S. HERBIONIK lawn repair

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2KG: Covers 160sq.ft. of bare soil.

Ideal for...

Ideal for repairing patches of lawn in full sun exposure.


4 in 1 mix, ideal for repairing damaged areas of your lawn caused by de-icing salt, animals, insects, and diseases.

An all natural blend of 54% compost, 25% natural fertilizer, 20% high quality selected grass seed and 1% seaweed (ascophyllum nodosum).

Germination in 7 to 10 days under favorable conditions *.
Germination is at its best when the soil temperature fluctuates between 14º C and 25º C (60º F and 82º F) under constant humidity.

Econo-H2O (The selected seeds help promote a denser and healthier lawn while reducing water consumption when ripe).

Ready to use